For Your Consideration, 2019

On Tuesday, if history is a guide, about 1,500 of our friends and neighbors will turn out to vote in Bolton’s municipal elections. Will you be one of them?

Local elections don’t get as much love as statewide and presidential elections (Bolton’s turnout nearly doubles for the latter). That’s a pity, since our voice as electors is so much more amplified in local elections.

This year, the Bolton Democrats are fielding another highly qualified team of candidates.


Kim Miller, Sandra Pierog, and Bob DePietro

Board of Selectmen

At the head of the ticket, current First Selectman Sandra Pierog is running unopposed for a second term. The Republicans’ unwillingness to challenge Sandy is testament to her success in bringing greater transparency, accountability, and accessibility to Town Hall and the office of First Selectmen. If you’ve had any dealings with Town Hall since the last election, you’ll have noticed the differences in tone, communication, and helpfulness.

Sandy and her fellow Board of Selectmen candidates, Kim Miller and Bob DePietro, will continue to seek improvements and find new solutions to help move Bolton forward.



Rhea Klein, Marilee Manning, and Anne Decker

Board of Education

At the Board of Education, Anne Decker has already proved to be tremendous addition in the 14 months since she was appointed to the seat Kate Gallé vacated in 2018. Anne is running unopposed to finish out the last two years of Kate’s term.

Joining Anne on the ballot are Rhea Klein and Marilee Manning. Rhea is a former teacher with a doctorate in special education. Marilee is a current alternate member of the Planning and Zoning Commission and a former long-time substitute teacher in the Bolton Public Schools. Their knowledge and experience will make them invaluable additions to the board.



Emily Bradley and Kristen Gourley

Board of Finance

Current Board of Finance vice chair Emily Bradley is running for reelection, joined by first-time candidate Kristen Gourley. Emily brings years of experience managing budgets, both as a former associate partner with Accenture and as treasurer of multiple local nonprofits. Kristen brings an MBA and extensive business experience in retail and pharmaceutical management.



Letrisa Miller, Anne Decker, Adam Teller, and Arlene Fiano

Planning and Zoning Commission & Zoning Board of Appeals

P&Z chairman Adam Teller and member Arlene Fiano are both seeking reelection. They are joined by former P&Z member Jeff Scala, who is seeking to rejoin the board after a two-year absence (and a switch in party membership).

Adam brings an attorney’s knowledge of the law. Arlene, well-known for her work with the Heritage Farm Commission, brings a landscape architect’s eye and a deep understanding of Bolton’s history. Jeff, a civil engineer, brings a level of technical expertise that has been lacking on the commission for the past two years.

ZBA candidates Anne Decker and Letrisa Miller are currently Alternate Members of the ZBA. Anne is also a Board of Education member running for reelection. Letrisa is a veterinarian and small business owner.


Board of Assessment Appeals, Town Moderator

We couldn’t hope to find a more qualified candidate for this board. Mary Terhune is a municipal assessor and property appraiser with nearly three decades of experience.

Adam Teller is running for Town Moderator. As chair of the Planning and Zoning Commission, he runs meetings efficiently and always ensures that every voice can be heard. He would ensure that town meetings function just as smoothly.


The Democratic Slate: Adam Teller, Mary Terhune, Letrisa Miller, Emily Bradley, Bob DePietro, Sandra Pierog, Kim Miller, Marilee Manning, Rhea Klein, Anne Decker, Arlene Fiano (missing: Kristen Gourley, Jeff Scala)

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