Dear Neighbors

On Tuesday, the Journal Inquirer published a letter to the editor from BDTC Vice Chair Adam Teller. Here’s the originally submitted version, which was slighted edited to meet the JI’s length requirements.

Dear Neighbors,

After more than twenty years of Republican control, Bolton needs to clean up a mess in Town Hall, find innovative ways to grow the tax base, keep our tax burden reasonable, and maintain the tradition of excellence in Bolton’s schools. Want something better for Bolton? I urge you to vote for Bolton’s strong Democratic team in the November municipal elections.

Sandra Pierog is an outstanding candidate for First Selectman: a former First Selectman, longtime member of the Board, and an experienced CPA. She is joined by Kim Miller (an IT program and project manager with a master’s degree in counseling) and Nicole Sullivan (an engineer by training with experience as a project and process manager) as candidates for Board of Selectmen. Sandy and her team will bring to Town Hall a combined 60+ years of experience in problem solving, project management, planning, and process improvement—precisely the expertise we need to make town government:

  1. more careful with taxpayer money (no more sloppy project management and poor record-keeping putting $400,000+ of taxpayer dollars at risk in a pending state audit of the Town’s handling of its most recent major construction project);
  2. more responsive to citizens (no more unreturned phone calls, unkept promises, or a Town website that frustrates residents who want timely and complete information); and
  3. more transparent (you’ll know what they know, when they know it).

Board of Finance candidates Robert DePietro, Richard Tuthill, and Eric Bevans will apply their experience as managers, business people, and successful communicators to a board that has struggled to provide clear and concise explanations to taxpayers. And their expertise in overseeing large projects will help them develop needed oversight mechanisms to ensure town funds are never again put at risk.

Incumbent Board of Education candidates Christopher Davey, Katherine Gallé, and Alison Romkey are committed to preserving Bolton schools’ tradition of excellence, professionalism, strong management, and continual improvement. Chris, Kate, and Alison have been an effective force on the BOE. During their first term, the district has worked aggressively to keep healthcare increases to a minimum, added new high school courses (including new AP courses) at minimal cost to the district, updated scores of policies, launched a highly successful robotics program, implemented an effective system for communicating with parents in emergencies, won grants to assist with technology upgrades, launched a new-and-improved website, and switched to a new course management system that will save taxpayers money in the long term. And in recognition of its excellence, Bolton High School was named a National Blue Ribbon Exemplary High Performing School last year.

These Democrats have a proven record of leadership both in the schools and in the community, which makes them #BetterForBolton. For more information and detailed profiles of these impressive candidates, find us online at, and on November 7 vote Line A for Sandra Pierog and the Democratic team!

Adam J. Teller

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