Taxes in Bolton: A Tale of Two Parties

39.47, 39, 39, 38.86, 39.43.

When Sandy Pierog was elected First Selectman in 2017, four months into FY2018, the mill rate in Bolton was 39.47. Today it’s 39.43. The mill rate is lower today than when Sandy took office.


During the four years Sandy has been First Selectman, taxes declined her first year, stayed flat the next, declined again, and then rose to a level that is still lower than when she took office.

During the 28 years that elapsed between the last time a Democrat was First Selectman (it was Sandy, in 1989) and Sandy’s election in 2017—that is, over nearly three decades of Republican majorities on the Board of Selectman (not to mention the Board of Finance, Planning and Zoning, and the Board of Education), taxes increased regularly.

In fact, from FY2009 to FY2017, they increased every single year.


Which party is better for Bolton taxpayers? Which is #MakingBoltonBetter?

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