Republicans Appoint Miller to BOS

About an hour ago we learned that Kim Miller has been appointed to fill the vacancy on the Board of Selectmen seat.

We express our appreciation to Republicans Bob Morra, Mike Eremita, and Kay Petersen  for that action, which we feel to be in the best Bolton traditions of cooperation and common sense for the good of our small community. The appointment of Ms. Miller means that the two candidates who went before the voters in the last election and received equal voter support will join the board as equals and colleagues.

By joining in appointing her, the remaining Republicans on the Board of Selectmen have extended their hands, and we intend to work with them for the best interests of the Town, without regard to party affiliation.

In response to the board’s initial inability to agree on an appointment, some members of the community have been circulating petitions for a special election to fill the vacancy.  We believe that the overwhelming sentiment expressed by the community has been that the post be filled either by Ms. Miller based on her equal vote total, or by a new election.  Since the former has now occurred, we believe that the latter is now unnecessary and would be counterproductive in allowing the BOS to move on with the important business of the Town. Therefore, we call on the circulators of those petitions to withdraw them at this time.


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