Interview with Mary Terhune

Mary Terhune is a candidate for Board of Assessment Appeals and for Planning and Zoning. We sat down with her for a quick interview.

Thanks for sitting down with us today, Mary. What made you interested in running for Planning and Zoning?

As a real estate appraiser for about 30 years, I have familiarity with P&Z regulations in many towns, including Bolton. I also understand the impact of regulations on developers, property owners, property values, and the environment.

And Board of Assessment Appeals?

For the past 10 years I have worked for a municipality in eastern Connecticut as the Property Appraiser, and I have also attained the assessor certification CCMA II. You could say I know “both sides of the coin” on assessment appeals. I strongly believe in every person’s right to appeal their assessment, which is the basis for their tax bill, but I also know how appeals may effect the town’s net Grand List, which is part of the formula to derive the mill rate. Fair and equitable taxation is always the goal.

Most of our candidates either have (or had) children in the Bolton schools or attended Bolton schools themselves. You and Bob DePietro might be the only exceptions. Yet you’re still supportive of the schools. Why?

It’s true. I didn’t attend Bolton schools, and I don’t have children. Some people might ask, is it really my responsibility to then support the Bolton school system with my tax dollars? After all, approximately 60% of my property and car tax goes to education. My feeling is that, absolutely yes, I have a responsibility!

America is a cooperative, and education is part of the Commons. It is in my best interest for kids in my town to be well educated and highly employable. Paying my taxes may not bring a smile to my face every year, but it does bring me satisfaction knowing I have contributed to the common good of my fellow Boltonians.


P&Z and Board of Assessment Appeals candidate Mary Terhune (left), with fellow P&Z candidate Marilee Manning.

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