Nicole Sullivan (Ret.)

Board of Selectmen (retired 2019)


Nicole Sullivan.
Photo: Jennifer Mirock

Nicole Sullivan and her family moved to Bolton a little over four years ago. She and her husband, Jonathan, have two young daughters, Keira (9) and Zoe (7), and chose this town with them in mind.  Bolton is known for its great schools and wonderful small town community.

Since moving to Bolton, Nicole has demonstrated her commitment to the community by working for the Bolton Center School PTA as a Legislative Advocate and as the chair of the Ways and Means committee. An important contribution to the PTA was her work to open lines of communication, including public advocacy on social media, Facebook Live events, and big Get Out the Vote drives. She also attended many town meetings to listen and voice her support for the schools.


The Sullivans.
Photo: Jennifer Mirock

With a bachelor of science degree from Clarkson University and a master of science degree from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute at Hartford, Nicole has had a successful career as an engineer and manager at Pratt & Whitney, specializing in project and process management. She helps find ways to make manufacturing and business processes more efficient and transparent.

These skills will help Nicole bring a new level of openness, communication, and professionalism to the Board of Selectmen and Town Hall.

In her spare time, Nicole enjoys gardening, knitting, dance, crafts of almost any kind, and wine.


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