Jeffrey Scala

Planning & Zoning Commission (2021–2023)
Temporary Public Building Commission (2022–)

Planning and Zoning Commission candidate Jeffrey Scala

Jeffrey Scala

Upon graduation from the University of Rhode Island, I moved to Connecticut to start my engineering career. Shortly after, I met a wonderful woman who eventually agreed to marry me.

My wife and I selected Bolton as our home in 1995 and raised our family here. As a resident, I’ve taken an interest in providing my civil engineering training and experience to the town, including serving for many years on the Planning and Zoning Commission (PZC).

As a professional engineer, I’ve been involved with all sorts of projects, including designing roads, highways, bridges, site development, subdivisions, and even dams. My primary goal with each project is to protect the health, welfare, and safety of the public while providing the best solution. I have received several industry awards for innovation and creativity, trained hundreds of fellow engineers and planners, and published technical articles.

As a resident of Bolton for almost 25 years I have witnessed many changes, including a slowly expanding business base, installation of a sewer system along Rte. 44, installation of natural gas in parts of town, rehabilitation and expansion of the high school, and residential land development. The town has secured additional open space, including the Rose Farm (now known as Heritage Farm) as well as other smaller parcels.

Also during that time the town has revised its Plan of Conservation and Development (twice), rewritten many sections of the zoning regulations, prepared the Rte. 44 Corridor Study, rezoned a large area along Rte. 44, extended the East Coast Greenway, improved the Hop River Trail, performed a town-wide survey, and implemented many other programs to assess the conditions and vision for the Town of Bolton. As a member of the PZC during much of that time, I was intimately involved with many of these initiatives.

Bolton is a wonderful small rural town that faces both challenges and opportunities. I look forward to again making myself and my experience available to the town and its residents.


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