Elected Officials

The following Democrats hold elected office in Bolton, Connecticut.

First Selectman
Sandra Pierog (2019–2021)

Board of Selectmen
Bob DePietro (2019–2021)
Kim Miller (2019–2021)

Board of Education
Christopher Davey (2017–2021)
Anne Decker (2019–2021)
Rhea Klein (appointed* 2020–2021)

Board of Finance
Emily Bradley (2019–2023)
Bob DePietro (2017–2021)
Richard Tuthill (2017–2021)

Planning & Zoning
Adam Teller (2019–2023; chair)
Arlene Fiano (2010–2023)
Christopher Davey (2017–2021)

Planning & Zoning Alternate
Marilee Manning (2017–2021)

Zoning Board of Appeals
John Toomey (2017–2021)
Anne Decker (2019–2023)

Zoning Board of Appeals Alternate
Letrisa Miller (2017–2021)
Peyton Rutledge (appointed* 2019–2021)

Board of Assessment Appeals
Mary Terhune (2019–2023)

Registrar of Voters
James Dwire (2020–2024)

Justices of the Peace (All terms expire January 4, 2025)
Debra L. Freund
Marilee Manning
Gwen Marrion
Sandra Pierog
Leslie K. Shea
John Toomey

*Rhea Klein was appointed after Allison Romkey (2017–2021) resigned her seat in 2020. Peyton Rutledge was appointed to complete Anne Decker’s term as ZBA Alternate after Anne was elected to a full seat on the ZBA in 2019.