Candidate Introductions

At our September 26 and October 3 online candidate Q&As, each participating Democratic candidate had the opportunity to introduce themselves. To make finding these intros a bit easier, we’ve collected them in this blog post. We hope you’ll take the time to get to know the candidates a bit better. All intros are three minutes or less. (Many of the intros show the same screen shot, but each one links directly to the named candidate’s intro.)

Sandra Pierog (First Selectman)

Adam Teller (BOS, Town Moderator)

Bob Depietro, introduced by Sandra Pierog (BOS, BOF)

Amanda Gordon (BOF)

John Toomey (BOF and ZBA)

Christopher Davey (BOE)

Anne Decker (BOE)

Rhea Klein (BOE)

Jeff Scala (Planning and Zoning)

Marilee Manning (Planning and Zoning)

Will Avery (Planning and Zoning Alternate)

Kawan Gordon (Planning and Zoning Alternate)

Letrisa Miller (ZBA)

Peyton Rutledge (ZBA Alternate)

Mary Terhune (ZBA Alternate)

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