Notice of DTC Meeting to Select Candidates

Notice is hereby given that the Bolton Democratic Town Committee will meet on July 22 at 7 pm for the purpose of endorsing candidates for the November municipal election.

This year endorsements are to be made by the DTC rather than by a caucus of all town Democrats. This change from past practice is the result of a temporary rules change made by the State Democratic Party to ensure that party endorsement of candidates can proceed during the COVID pandemic.

While all registered Democrats in Bolton are welcome to attend the July 22 DTC meeting (and any DTC meeting, for that matter!) and are welcome to share their views on candidate selection during the meeting, only members of the Bolton DTC will be able to nominate and vote on candidates.

To ensure we have adequate space to hold the meeting—currently scheduled to be held at my home in Bolton—please let us know if you are planning to attend.

If you have thoughts about potential candidates, would like to be considered as a candidate, or want to RSVP for the meeting, please contact me.


Christopher Davey
Chair, Bolton Democratic Town Committee

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