Statement on Black Lives Matter/Antiracism

The Bolton Democratic Town Committee believes

    • Black Lives Matter.
    • Racial prejudice in various forms still remains in Bolton, as documented by those who experience it.
    • We all have a responsibility to understand and combat systemic racism and the structures that sustain it.
    • As public officials, police bear responsibility for conducting themselves with transparency and truthfulness.
    • Police must be accountable for their actions.

We pledge to

    • Actively support candidates who are committed to social justice, anti-racism, and the dismantling of systems that perpetuate inequality.
    • Actively support conversations about racial justice in our schools and at all levels of our community.
    • Actively support a reexamination of policing functions to ensure that all races are treated equally and fairly.

Approved by the Bolton Democratic Town Committee on July 2, 2020.

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