Bolton Democrats

For Your Consideration

As Bolton heads to the polls Tuesday, we ask that you consider carefully which party’s candidates are truly #BetterForBolton.

On one side is the party that has held the office of First Selectman and enjoyed majorities on BOS, BOF, BOE, and P&Z for almost all of the last twenty years.

Are you okay with their lack of accountability and transparency regarding state reimbursement for the Bolton High School renovation project? Do you mind that as much as half a million dollars of taxpayer money has been put at risk?

Are you okay with campaign materials that get the date of the election wrong or, worse, that exaggerate their top candidate’s qualifications?

Are you okay with candidates who won’t answer voters’ questions in a timely and straightforward manner?

We’re not. We believe Bolton can do better, that as citizens we deserve leaders

We think the choice is obvious: Sandra Pierog and the Democratic candidates are #BetterForBolton. On Tuesday, please vote Line A for Sandy and the Democratic team!